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BlastFi Downloads

Butt for Windows (Talk Show)

Mixxx 2.0.0 64bit for Windows

Download Mixxx 2.0.0 for Mac OS X 10.5+ (Intel)

Mixxx 1.10.1 32bit for Windows

Mixxx 1.11.0 64bit for Windows

Mixxx for Intel Mac

Mixxx for Ppc Mac

Lame_enc.dll for Windows
This is the lame_enc.dll file that is required for Mixxx.
Simply place it in your Mixxx program folder and restart Mixxx. for Mixxx

This is the DarkMetal theme for Mixxx.
Extract the zip and then place the DarkMetal folder in your Mixxx skins folder and then enable it in options/preferences/interface/skin.

Winamp 5.666 for Windows

MP3Tag 2.72 For Windows

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