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Radio Station Licensing

BlastFM Internet Radio Station Licensing

Each radio station user is responsible for their licensing. We support bands/artists and we want to make sure that any royalties are paid and everything is done in a fully compliant manner. The exact license you require depends largely on where you are located, for example in the United Kingdom you may require a PPL license, in USA you may require a BMI license and in Canada you may require a SOCAN license. In some circumstances you may be required to be licensed by more than one licensing authority.

Please check which license you are required to have for your country and make sure that you adhere to the requirements of that license at all times.

Remember that you must be licensed in order for royalties to be paid and if you are not licensed you may be liable for royalty payments dating back to when you first started broadcasting.

To get a license image to show for your station you must provide us with proof of your license. This will usually be in the form of a PDF file sent to you from your licensing authority or an email from the licensing authority. This should only be discussed with @JMA or @AndyC who will make any necessary changes to your station/profile page. We currently support BMI, PPL and ASCAP but we will add more as and when required.

You can find additional information about this topic and post your comments on our forums.

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