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BlastFi Verified Accounts

BlastFi Verified Accounts

Any account with a blue verified badge on their BlastFi profile is a verified account.

How Can I Get My Account Verified?

To get your account verified you will need to have the following three things

[1] An avatar uploaded to your profile
[2] A cover image uploaded to your profile
[3] A brief bio on your profile

Accounts are now verified automatically.
As long as the three requirements listed above exist on your profile our auto-verify feature will keep your account verified.
If any of the requirements are later removed, auto-verify will remove your verified status.
NOTE: auto-verify runs every 15 minutes so your account might take up to 15 minutes to verify after completing the requirements on your profile.

We have introduced auto-verify because our administrators can't check all of the accounts and requirements frequently and some users who were eligible for verified status were sometimes not picked up by our system administrators.
We think that this will be a much fairer system and we hope that you enjoy your new #Verified status!

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